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Welcome to Smartify Community+, an initiative dedicated to supporting non-profits and community organizations through our national network of digital displays. Our program recognizes the importance of visibility for these organizations and offers a unique opportunity to leverage our outdoor advertising spaces. We are proud to provide a portion of our advertising inventory to eligible non-profits and community organizations on two fronts: completely free of charge for short-term campaigns, and at significantly discounted rates for longer-term engagements. This approach ensures that a variety of organizations, regardless of their size or budget, can benefit from high-visibility advertising to promote their causes, events, and messages to a wider audience. Join us in making a difference in the community through impactful and accessible advertising.

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Smartify Media is the fastest-growing urban panel and retail media network in North America, revolutionizing the way marketing campaigns reach urban audiences.The Smartify network incorporates a diverse range of digital display form factors, from innovative EV charging station displays to dynamic in-window displays, all strategically positioned in high-traffic, high-visibility locations. With a focus on data-driven, audited and verified placement, we ensure that each campaign is optimally positioned to engage the intended audience. Our presence in leading shopping malls and other prime commercial retail venues, coupled with our premium storefront network, provides unparalleled opportunity for impactful, targeted campaigns in urban landscapes.