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We monetize networks & real estate.

We monetize the media value of physical real estate

Smartify Media activates and manages media revenue programs across the full spectrum of interior and outdoor digital signage products. Our clients include multi-scale outdoor and indoor networks—from electric vehicle charging stations to diverse restaurant, hospitality, and retail portfolios. We also help real estate owners and businesses define their digital signage strategy and monetize the media value of their physical locations. The Smartify Platform is designed as a complete end-to-end solution allowing our partners and clients to generate multiple recurring revenue streams, amplify their branding and audience targeting, and gain a deeper analytical insight into their customer traffic.

The Smartify Solution

Media Activation
& Management

Smartify’s Managed Media Solutions are custom designed for our network and real estate partners to help them maximize the media value of their assets and locations. We support site selection strategy, media strategy, media implementation, programmatic connections, advertising facilitation, brand/agency relationships, billing, reporting, 24/7 NOC monitoring, and network audits.


Smartify’s Media Monetization solutions are a perfect addition to real estate owners’ toolbox and to brick-and-mortar businesses seeking to generate additional revenue while enhancing their digital marketing. Our platform is a true end-to-end solution and requires no cost or management; the Smartify Team takes care of everything.

& Sponsors

Smartify Media Platform is programmatically enabled and works directly with advertising agencies, sponsors, and brands. Smartify is rapidly expanding its network nationally, and can customize and launch advertising campaigns with extensive reach. Our network can identify and deliver dynamic full-motion digital content directly to your most relevant audience.

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What is your location's media value score?

Smartify has established an algorithm for determining the media value of a specific location based on foot traffic, product offerings, and other factors. If you are curious what your location’s media value and potential revenue are, fill out this form and a representative will respond with your results. There is no fee for this evaluation.