Smartify Media Expands Networks to Baltimore and Norfolk Through Partnership with Interstate Cash Register

Smartify Media, a digital out-of-home advertising and media company whose network includes storefront displays, multiple indoor and outdoor formats and EV charging stations across the United States, is pleased to announce the launch of new locations in Baltimore, MD and Norfolk, VA in partnership with Interstate Cash Register. This collaboration will introduce Smartify’s state-of-the-art screens and media solution in the storefronts of popular grocery store chains, Harvest Fare (Baltimore) and Food-O-Rama (Norfolk), revolutionizing the in-store advertising landscape and providing unparalleled visibility and advertising opportunities to retailers and advertisers.

Interstate Cash Register, a trusted leader in grocery store and restaurant technology, has joined forces with Smartify Media to create an exceptional solution tailored for the communities of Baltimore and Norfolk. By combining Smartify Media’s programmatic advertising technology and Interstate Cash Register’s deep industry expertise, this partnership will deliver a new era of advertising experiences for local shoppers.

Smartify’s high resolution 55″ double-sided displays, strategically placed at eye level in the front of the store, offers optimal visibility for advertisers to engage customers during the checkout process. These captivating screens not only grab your attention while you’re waiting in line but can also be seen from the store windows, providing an additional opportunity for customers to view dynamic content while loading groceries into their vehicles in the parking lot. This innovative solution has the power to replace traditional, dull and flimsy paper signs, offering retailers increased flexibility and a wider range of options to promote store hours, new products, and sales.

Interstate Cash Register, a renowned provider of technology solutions since 1987, has a team of highly skilled professionals with over 100 years of combined experience in grocery and restaurant tech. Their mission is to deliver and service high-quality technology with integrity, helping businesses navigate through their tech needs while providing exceptional support.
The launch of Smartify Media’s networks in Baltimore and Norfolk marks a significant milestone in the digital advertising space within the grocery store industry. By partnering with Interstate Cash Register, Smartify Media aims to deliver exceptional advertising solutions that maximize engagement, drive results, and elevate the overall shopping experience.

For more information about Smartify Media and their innovative digital out-of-home advertising solutions, please visit

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About Smartify Media:
Smartify Media is a national Digital Out of Home (DOOH) and In-Retail digital advertising platform focused on location based-data and the customer experience. Founded by technology and advertising industry leaders who understand how to elevate valuable retail spaces with technology and data and maximize programmatic enabled advertising campaigns for advertisers, Smartify’s mission is to allow any property owner to quickly understand the inherent media value of their physical space and easily monetize it by generating recurring revenue from digital media campaigns.

About Interstate Cash Register:
Interstate Cash Register has been operating since 1987 and is a trusted leader in technology solutions for the grocery and restaurant industry. Their team of highly skilled professionals brings over 100 years of combined experience in grocery and restaurant tech, providing comprehensive solutions for point-of-sale, back-office operations, and security surveillance. With a commitment to delivering high-quality technology and impeccable service, Interstate Cash Register helps businesses navigate their tech needs with confidence.

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