Channeling the Physical Storefront

The Outdoor Industry has had its share of ups and downs in its long and distinguished run as one of the oldest mediums in the world. As an industry we find ourselves in yet another battle for our existence and relevance during a global pandemic, although this too will pass. Our industry has always emerged from extreme market conditions stronger and better, Covid-19 is no exception, as we inform the world with calls of action and emergency messaging throughout the public space.

I have had the privilege of working in all aspects of this industry for over twenty years and have been most excited about all the new technological advancements throughout the industry that have occurred just in the past few years.

Media demand sources and programmatic expansion has been one of the most important advancements in our industry, the ability to quantify driving rate and occupancy for network operators is a huge leap forward. As new software solutions present themselves throughout our industry; network operators, agencies and brands will become even more aligned for the betterment of managing, selling and measuring media campaigns.

As the “proof of play” becomes less relevant and the “proof of performance” takes its place, location-based data analytics powered by intuitive software solutions will create what I define as the “channeling effect”. New outdoor buyers, digital demand sources and digital first brands all expect the same buying and result process they experience through online and mobile buying channels. 

As the continued expansion of digital placed-based networks grow in reach and frequency, digital messaging delivered directly to specifics audiences will become more performance driven. At Smartify Media we are obsessed with focusing on all layers of site selection, activation, execution and measurement equally. We are transforming the physical storefront into the next dynamic digital canvas of opportunity for the DOOH industry. Thinking a step ahead and innovating new uses for storefronts on main streets and city streets, Smartify Media has begun to bring value to retailers, storefront owners and advertisers in a complete cohesive solution.

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