Our Platform Solution

Smartify Media is a digital media management platform that originates multi-channel digital advertising and provides the facilitation and activation of your on-premise digital marketing. Through our partnership with Samsung, we can quickly onboard and programmatically enable any Samsung digital display and begin generating revenue immediately through our paid media channels.

Smartify your physical space and signage network

The Smartify (MXP) Media Experience Platform is backed by our partnership with Samsung. We offer a “plug & play” platform providing your physical space with marketing value, new revenue, and data.

Tap into new
revenue sources

Our mission is to allow anyone to quickly understand the inherent media value of their physical space or digital signage assets, and then easily convert this value into a profitable and recurring revenue opportunity from digital media campaigns.

Electrify your
digital marketing

Our all-in-one platform provides you with unprecedented click-to-brick content publishing and dynamic presentation capabilities, transforming your storefront or interior displays into a stunning marketing platform.

Samsung C&T and Smartify introduce
Small Business Revenue PLUS


What is your location's media value score?

Smartify has established an algorithm for determining the media value of a specific location based on foot traffic, product offerings, and other factors. If you are curious what your location’s media value and potential revenue are, fill out this form and a representative will respond with your results. There is no fee for this evaluation.