Media Management

Smartify Media has developed the Media Management Platform for both retailers, digital networks, and property owners. We have several programs that allow our clients to leverage our digital signage technology for the purpose of monetization, advertising, dynamic messaging, and location-based analytics. We have built an end-to-end digital solution that allows our partners to easily activate their networks and endpoints programmatically and across multiple ad channels.

The Smartify Media Management Team supports our network partners with a robust pre and post deployment approach. This approach allows for great network success through design, implementation and ongoing operations. Our support, guidance and operational management focuses on the following areas:

How it works

Quickly submit locations for easy advertising onboarding and activation. Each endpoint will be onboarded across multiple ad channels and will be marketed to multiple buyers.

Each endpoint will be integrated into the Smartify server and Smartify/Samsung NOC (Network Operations Management) for 24/7 operational management and Tier 1 network support.

Multiple media channels and funnels are integrated into the network. Our Digital Media Analysts manage all content and facilitate paid media across the digital advertising spectrum.

Dedicated Smartify Network Manager is assigned to facilitate all inbound and outbound communication with advertising channels and the Smartify NOC for CMS & Portal management.

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