Smartify Media Partners With Doc Wayne Supporting Mental Health in Boston Via Smartify Community+

Smartify Media, a digital out-of-home advertising and media company, is thrilled to partner with Doc Wayne, a nonprofit organization dedicated to leveling the playing field of mental health globally through sport-based therapy. The Smartify Community+ program allocates advertising space to nonprofits, empowering them to gain support for their causes. This collaboration aims to raise awareness and promote mental health initiatives on behalf of Doc Wayne throughout Smartify Media’s Boston network.

Understanding the importance of mental health and the impact of sport-based therapy, Smartify has joined forces with Doc Wayne to address this issue in the Boston community. Leveraging their network of digital displays, Smartify Media aims to amplify Doc Wayne’s mission and contribute to the well-being of individuals and communities.

Smartify Media will run Doc Wayne’s mental health awareness campaign, The Future of Mental Health, on their network of digital displays across Boston. The campaign includes eye-catching graphics, a helpline email address, and a QR code leading to a donations page. By utilizing their digital displays in storefronts, Smartify Media will help Doc Wayne reach a broader audience, generating visibility for their programs and services that promote resilience, life skills, and mental health support through sport-based therapy.

“Smartify Media is honored to partner with Doc Wayne,” expressed Oleg Vyadro, President of Smartify Media. “Our digital display network, located in prime retail windows and in top commercial and entertainment destinations, provide an ideal platform to spark conversations and drive meaningful change. By collaborating with Doc Wayne, we aim to promote mental health awareness throughout the community by donating a percentage of ad space to their Future of Mental Health campaign.”

The collaboration between Smartify Media and Doc Wayne envisions a Boston community well-informed about mental health, equipped with resources to address challenges, and empowered to create a positive impact. By combining the power of Smartify Media’s outdoor network and Doc Wayne’s expertise in sport-based therapy, the partnership seeks to make a tangible difference in the lives of individuals and families.

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About Smartify Media:

Smartify Media is a national Digital Out of Home (DOOH) and In-Retail digital advertising platform focused on location based-data and the customer experience. Founded by technology and advertising industry leaders who understand how to elevate valuable retail spaces with technology and data and maximize programmatic enabled advertising campaigns for advertisers, Smartify’s mission is to allow any property owner to quickly understand the inherent media value of their physical space and easily monetize it by generating recurring revenue from digital media campaigns.

About Doc Wayne:

Doc Wayne is a Boston-based nonprofit organization that recognizes mental health as a human right, promotes well-being through sport-based therapy, and works to ensure equitable access to effective mental health care for all youth. Doc Wayne provides training and workshops to professionals in youth development, coaching, education, and clinical work.

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